About Me

My name is Tariq Khan. I am a former Muslim, born and raised in a Muslim majority country, with family members from both the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam.  I was raised Sunni and was also taught Shia Islam. I am the only Christian known on either side of my family and have been a Christian for nearly forty years.  My parents disowned and disinherited me once they discovered I became a Christian.

By God’s grace, I did the ministry below and give Him all the glory:

  • Led more than 50 Muslims to the Lord
  • Led over 1,000 people to the Lord
  • Discipled Muslims and others
  • Led
    • weekly refugee ministry for Muslim and MBBs
    • small groups
  • Taught
    • Muslim ministry class at a large church (10,000+)
    • Bible study class for Muslim college students
    • Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course
  • Started a small church