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How much does God love you and me?

He loves you so much it’s difficult to properly describe. The Bible gives us great help in seeing that love. Psalm 22 contains a prophetic description of Jesus on the cross. In part of it, Jesus looks forward to telling his brothers and sisters about the salvation that they can have. Yes, He was looking forward to being with us and was talking to us while He was on the cross.

Hebrews 12:2 (WEB) says:

looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Please note the phrase, “for the joy that was set before him.“ That was not about taking up His eternal position again – He had already had that and would not have gone through everything He did to simply regain what He already had. He was wanting to gain, and that gain was you and me. His entire effort was to make a way for your salvation. His joy, then, must have been and must still be the people that He loves.

That is How much He loves you. You are so special to Him that even when He was on the cross He looked forward to being with you. You brought Him so much joy that He could endure the horror of the cross itself — the physical pain — and of becoming sin — the spiritual pain. He did all of that so that He could spend eternity with you and others. He loves each of us fully, as well as fully loving His entire church. The extent of that love for us is further shown in John 17, in which Jesus is intent upon asking that He could be in those that He loves. He, the perfect One, chose to give up everything and endure the most excruciating pain while thinking of you and me He chose to make his dwelling place inside those who believe and fully yield to Him (who follow Him as Lord and Savior). That is how close He wants to be to you and me. All of the things above show how special you are to Him and how much He loves you.

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Seeing Christ in a friend or relative powerfully testifies to Muslims

The powerful simplicity of seeing Christ in her mother led a Muslim to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Her story is in Discipling Muslim Background Believers. She is MBB5, and her salvation story, in her own words, is below.

The faith of my mother.  I saw the persecution that she endured and her faith.  My father had said to my mother to choose between her religion and her marriage.  And God gave my mother the word.  She was very afraid of leaving the house (we were seven children from my mother).  She had accepted to stay with him because if she left, she was afraid.  She said eventually that she preferred Jesus and he gave her a paper of divorce.  When my father left, we were in the house of a friend.  We needed to find a place to live because my mother didn’t have any money.  She had fifty dollars and that was going to be very difficult to make last.  For one year we lived with a friend, and after that we had to leave and live with the sister of my mother.  We had two rooms for the eight of us to stay in.  Some of us were outside, some in the living room.  My mother cried and prayed and then a friend of my mother proposed a house that cost sixty dollars.  God never left us with nothing. 
If my mother with all her persecution held onto Jesus there really was something there.  If she had stayed Muslim and it had all been good, that would have told me that it was okay, but she preferred Jesus and that really touched me.  Someone who would choose to suffer with her seven kids like that.  It really strengthened my faith.

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What would you like to read on this blog?

You may have questions about Muslims, Muslim background believers (MBBs), ministering to either or both, or other things. What would you like me to write about?

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The ministry of being there for MBBs

People often wonder if they are equipped to minister to someone going through the loss and grief that persecuted MBBs experience. The answer is: yes!

You do not have to have gone through the same thing as another in order to effectively minister to them. Sometimes simply being with someone is enough to help them through an awful time. The people that most effectively ministered to me in college knew little to nothing of my culture or my pain. They were friendly, and we enjoyed each other’s company — it was more than enough.

If you can walk with an MBB through the pain, please do so. You don’t usually need to discuss pain unless they do. Your presence alone will be like a salve for them, especially if you help them enjoy the normalcy of life and perhaps even make them smile a time or two. The ministry of being there is underrated these days. It is extremely powerful for ministry to the persecuted.

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Do most Muslims want to hurt people?

Most Muslims view the Quran’s call to jihad – meaning to struggle or fight – as a spiritual rather than physical battle. Essentially, they view jihad as an internal struggle that God uses to improve their character and spirit.

Pew research, while not dispositive, indicates that a majority of Muslims have no desire to commit physical jihad.

My experience supports the study. As far as I know, not one of my Muslim family or friends wish people harm. They all wish for and many regularly pray for peace.

For the most part, Muslims want to live in peace.

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