Christmas 2020 troubled?

For many, 2020 has been difficult. We need God’s help. I’m struck by the various encouragements of Christmas—mercy, salvation, and hope among them. You probably know these things. I’m saying them as a reminder of the encouragement we have in Christ.

The first Christmas showed God coming to a small nation, oppressed by Rome, that hadn’t been given a biblical prophecy for about 400 years. The people of Israel probably felt down, even hopeless. Various incurable diseases swirled around them, poverty and pain—from within and without— assailed them. They, like many of us, needed help. God didn’t just help, He came close. He wanted to be with them, and still wants to be with all of us now.

Emmanuel is a name of Jesus—God with us. God’s salvation for every need of every heart, for every situation, came close back then. He didn’t just want to save, He wanted to be with them and remain with them. God came to people then, and is still here, still available.  If you need His help, may I encourage you to reach out to Him and tell Him you need Him. I can promise you, based on His word, He’s an ever present help in times of trouble.

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