Discipling Muslim Background Believers – EPUB

Discipling Muslim Background Believers - EPUB Abu Da’ud

  • Muslim background believers (“MBBs”) face loneliness and rejection, with few opportunities for long-term discipleship. This easily-referenced handbook contains numbered discipleship topics and indexed advice and stories from MBBs. These will equip an MBB to live a Christian life in a Muslim context. There are reading paths for the MBB and Muslim seeker, allowing the minister to disciple the MBB or lead the seeker to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If necessary, the paths can be completed without the minister. Included as well are MBB salvation stories and ways to deal with problems MBBs typically encounter. Also, the Bible and Quran are compared.   Christians in Muslim contexts can use this book to overcome many of the challenges to living as a Christian posed by Islamic practice and culture.  The following groups can enjoy these benefits:   MBBs – will learn from MBBs how to grow in discipleship, share the gospel, and start and grow small groups, even if alone. Disciplers – will have a guided path through the book to better understand MBBs, and, in conjunction with the companion Bible studies, disciple MBBs and start small groups. Evangelists – will learn successful methods for evangelizing Muslims, and will have a guided path for sharing the gospel with a Muslim seeker. Muslim seekers – will learn the truth about Christianity and God’s love for them, read a clear presentation of the gospel, and have an opportunity to say a prayer for salvation, even if alone.