Discipleship minimum standards increase for a Christian in a Muslim context

In a previous post, I discussed some discipleship minimum standards – the level of discipleship that a Christian must attain to learn, grow and be fruitful in their context.  Those minimums need to be increased in a Muslim context because of circumstances.  Muslim background believers (“MBBs”) face ostracism and isolation in ways that many Christians do not.  Because of this isolation, they need easily-referenced materials that can be directed by others or also allow self-directed study that provides guidance so that the MBB will cover necessary topics.  They also need teaching about dealing with intense persecution, the possibility of being a secret believer for a period, spiritual warfare and forming their own fellowship. 

Forming their own fellowship means they must learn to effectively share the gospel with Muslims using methods that are successful with Muslims, as well as learn how to form small groups and even churches.  They must also be provided with materials that will guide them through this process.

The materials described in this post will, Lord willing, be available from me in 2019.

Keywords: discipleship, minimums, MBB, increase, minimum standards, Muslim context

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