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A major shift has taken place in MBB demographics.  Until about 50 years ago, there were few MBBs.  That has changed, with at least 10,000,000 saved. To minister to these new Christians that face extreme challenges, the church now needs new materials and strategies that will accompany those already in existence.  My books, available on the home page, do at least the following:

  • Enable MBBs, especially in extreme circumstances, to know how to fruitfully live as Christians in a Muslim context
  • Provide answers quickly in a handbook format
  • Clear up many Muslim misconceptions about Christianity
  • Require reading only a few pages to learn topics rather than reading entire books or sermon series
  • Enable growth in isolation, if necessary, through use of reading paths
  • Provide overviews, unifying ideas, and structure via reading paths
  • Provide ease of use through numbered topics and extensive cross-referencing
  • Complement other resources and ministries

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