Unnecessary devastation comes to an unprepared MBB

            I was an unprepared MBB, and encountered unnecessary devastation.  When I look back on how I told my family, I realize I made a lot of mistakes.  Those mistakes created a lot of disruption.  My lack of a plan and forethought caused me to be undisciplined in who I told.  I told my sister about Jesus, and that I had become a Christian.  She agreed to keep it confidential, but told my family.  I was also careless about how I spoke, and was saying things that I normally had not said when I was a Muslim.  Even if my sister had not told my parents, I probably would have given away my identity as a Christian.

            I was told to leave the house and disinherited when I was two weeks old as a Christian.  I was nineteen.  I was not ready in a lot of ways that I could have been, meaning I had no job, very few possessions, and very little money.  Lack in all three of those areas created significant disruptions in my life.

            Had I been prepared, I think I would’ve been better able to handle pain.  I only had a rudimentary understanding of prayer, and did not understand healing, spiritual warfare or any of the ways that God would use to help me through those early days of pain.  Eventually I went through a significant depression, which God pulled me through.  I learned much through that process, part of which is in my books.

            I am very grateful for God‘s help in getting me through those times. I also know that had I prepared better, much of the disruption would’ve been prevented and I would have been better equipped to handle the disruption that did occur.

            What happened to me is much less than what happens to others, who face beatings, imprisonment, torture and death.  While preparation cannot mitigate all disruption and harm, it can help an MBB better fight spiritual battles, stand stronger in the Lord, and deal better with pain and pressure to turn from Christ.

            This subject is further dealt with in Discipling Muslim Background Believers, available for sale on the home page in the menu above. It is a handbook for ministering to MBBs and Muslims.

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