A salvation story of a Muslim background believer

The following story relates how a young, Muslim woman from Africa began following Jesus. It is in her words:

It was my big sister (friend) Sophie shared with me about Jesus.  When my Aunt died, I was very sad.  I didn’t grow up with my parents.  So, when she died, I didn’t even pray the Muslim prayers, I only cried.  I thought my life was over when my Aunt died.  I thank God for his grace because I was so happy to meet Sophie.  She told me that Jesus was the real path to eternal life.  That’s how I gave my life to him.  I saw so much difference between Jesus and the Muslims.  I saw that it was the truth.  I put my hope in Jesus because before I was truly a Muslim, but now I really love Jesus.  It was the love of Jesus because I was sad, and when I ask him questions, He responds to me.  When I was a Muslim, I prayed lots of times, but now when I pray to Jesus, He responds to me.  It’s this that really touched me, and I made my decision.  When I was sad God brought Sophie to me so that I could know Jesus.  I’m so thankful to my sister (in Christ) Sophie because I’ve really accepted Jesus.  It hasn’t been easy, but she has really helped me.  She is my big sister. 

I asked questions because I was Muslim I prayed and asked questions of those who had travelled to Mecca, and I watched them.  I could see that really it was false.  It was not easy for me to give my life to Jesus, and I was a Christian at that point, but I prayed like a Muslim because I was with them.  That’s before I really, really accepted Jesus.  So, I was trapped like that, and I prayed and asked God to help me know that he was real.  Those Muslims who had gone to Mecca: I asked them questions too.  And God told me, yes, I am real.  It it’s like this that I really knew that Jesus is the real truth.  My big sister helped me.  After I accepted Jesus, I went to live with her, and I have lived with her until now.  If I had a question, I would just ask her, and she responds.   This friendship is what helped me the most.

This story is in Discipling Muslim Background Believers, as well as five others.

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