A Muslim background believer testimony

When Christians reach out to Muslims in the love of Christ, wonderful things can happen. One example is a former Muslim/animist who has now been used by God to lead many to Christ and start hundreds of small groups and churches. His story is in Discipling Muslim Background Believers. He is MBB3, and his salvation story, in his own words, is below.

“I come from a family where my father was a very devoted Muslim.  My mother came from an animist background, but became devoted through my father’s devotion.  My mother was infertile, and my parents tried for years to have a baby.  They did all the Muslim prayers and nothing was happening.  My mother opted to go to the traditional way of seeking a solution.  That took my mother to a fertility shrine.  They consulted a fertility god and my mother became pregnant.  My father would make me to remain loyal to Allah and my mother was making me go every year to the shrine.  I was loyal there too.  I grew up and I was confused about Allah and the gods.  I thought about breaking my religions to the gods, but I was told that there were spirits attached to them and if you separate yourself from them the spirits will destroy you.  Islam teaching on the other hand that consulting the gods was against Allah.  There was confusion in my life.  My Muslim teachers didn’t have a solution for me when I asked what I could do to protect myself from the spirits if I stopped going there.  They just didn’t have an answer to that.  I saw that truly speaking they didn’t have answers to that because the same items the use in Muslim sacrifice here are the same items they use in the shrine.  They both use rams.  I was beginning to think Islam doesn’t have the power to save me from this shrine.  Where do I go?  I was confused.  A couple shared stories about a man called Jesus that has power over everything God has created.

One question that was in my heart was the question of assurance.  What’s the proof that this Jesus is going to save me from the destructive powers of evil?  The stories were told about Jesus driving demons out of a demon possessed man and raising the dead and He himself rising up from the dead and declaring that He is the good shepherd for humanity.  Those were things that really answered question in my heart.”

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