A good response to God‘s calling

God calls each Christian to work with Him in His purposes, whether in vocational ministry or not. If you feel God calling you to something but you don’t know the details of the call, please consider making your life easier by unreservedly saying yes to God. Do it before you fully know what He wants – it sounds something like, “I’ll obey you, Lord, no matter what. Whatever it is, I will obey quickly, cheerfully and completely.”

God rules over all, and if you sincerely want His will, He eventually removes all ifs, ands and buts from your life. However, the removal can come through a disciplining process.

Rather than go through too much of that, our best option is to get to fully know the love that our heavenly father has for us. Doing so will teach us that love and God’s character. Then we can boldly and affirmatively answer God’s call, knowing He is with us. He will provide answers and details about the call as we go.

Keywords: Discipleship, calling, obedience, submission to God

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