Seeing Christ in a friend or relative powerfully testifies to Muslims

The powerful simplicity of seeing Christ in her mother led a Muslim to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Her story is in Discipling Muslim Background Believers. She is MBB5, and her salvation story, in her own words, is below.

The faith of my mother.  I saw the persecution that she endured and her faith.  My father had said to my mother to choose between her religion and her marriage.  And God gave my mother the word.  She was very afraid of leaving the house (we were seven children from my mother).  She had accepted to stay with him because if she left, she was afraid.  She said eventually that she preferred Jesus and he gave her a paper of divorce.  When my father left, we were in the house of a friend.  We needed to find a place to live because my mother didn’t have any money.  She had fifty dollars and that was going to be very difficult to make last.  For one year we lived with a friend, and after that we had to leave and live with the sister of my mother.  We had two rooms for the eight of us to stay in.  Some of us were outside, some in the living room.  My mother cried and prayed and then a friend of my mother proposed a house that cost sixty dollars.  God never left us with nothing. 
If my mother with all her persecution held onto Jesus there really was something there.  If she had stayed Muslim and it had all been good, that would have told me that it was okay, but she preferred Jesus and that really touched me.  Someone who would choose to suffer with her seven kids like that.  It really strengthened my faith.

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