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Discipleship standards for MBBs

All Christian disciples need to know at least the following:

  • Who God is
  • How much He loves them
  • What He has done for them and in them
  • They are in Him and part of His family
  • What they are called to do (the first being to relate to Him)
  • How to be fruitful and fulfill their calling
  • How to conduct spiritual warfare
  • That they need fellowship

            Because of MBBs’ circumstances, the minimum standard for MBB discipleship is higher.  Those discipling MBBs should teach the above and at least the following:

  • How to live as a Christian in a Muslim context
  • Understanding persecution, suffering, and how to endure them
  • Preparing MBBs for problems they are likely to encounter
  • How to remain in their culture and be fruitful
  • How to grow in isolation, if necessary (the potential of isolation is there for all of them, so it is probably best for them all to know just in case they have to use the information)

My MBB discipleship handbook and its companion books do all of the above and more. Please click on “Home” in the menu above to purchase books. The relevant parts of the description associated with the handbook also apply to the other four books.

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My books are now available for sale on abudaud.com

A major shift has taken place in MBB demographics.  Until about 50 years ago, there were few MBBs.  That has changed, with at least 10,000,000 saved. To minister to these new Christians that face extreme challenges, the church now needs new materials and strategies that will accompany those already in existence.  My books, available on the home page, do at least the following:

  • Enable MBBs, especially in extreme circumstances, to know how to fruitfully live as Christians in a Muslim context
  • Provide answers quickly in a handbook format
  • Clear up many Muslim misconceptions about Christianity
  • Require reading only a few pages to learn topics rather than reading entire books or sermon series
  • Enable growth in isolation, if necessary, through use of reading paths
  • Provide overviews, unifying ideas, and structure via reading paths
  • Provide ease of use through numbered topics and extensive cross-referencing
  • Complement other resources and ministries

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My books have been published

My books can help a Muslim background believer (“MBB”) grow strong in faith while remaining in a Muslim context.  The MBB can also learn how to reach out along affinity lines and lead people to faith in Christ – allowing them to plant and grow small groups.

The books contain advice from MBBs for MBBs and those that minister in the Muslim world, and can help MBBs grow in the midst of persecution. The salvation stories provide encouragement, and the extensive index in the handbook (Discipling Muslim Background Believers) allows for ease of use. The eBook version of the handbook contains hyperlinks that make effortless transitioning between topics.

The books can be found on Amazon at amazon.com/author/abudaud. God willing, they will soon be available on this site.

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