Muslim Background Believer Bible Studies – EPUB


Muslim background believers often face isolation and persecution, leading to inadequate discipleship. This bible study, together with Discipling Muslim Background Believers, enables them to adequately grow in discipleship in a Muslim context and to start small groups.

The content follows and expands on the topics covered in the discipleship reading path in Discipling Muslim Background Believers.

Some of the topics covered are:

•           Reading and understanding the Bible

•           Understanding God and Christianity

•           Relationship with God

•           God’s promises

•           God’s care for you

•           Intimacy with God

•           Hearing God

•           Prayer

•           The church

•           Finding your gifts

•           Sharing your faith and prayer for salvation

•           Ministering to others

•           Spiritual authority and spiritual warfare

•           Marriage

•           Small groups

•           Dealing with problematic issues and situations




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