A majority of new and persecuted MBBs fail to properly take care of themselves

When persecution starts for MBBs, their lives are often severely disrupted by many things, including being rejected by family, friends, and community. They may also lose jobs, opportunities for education, and may even be under the threat of torture or threat of death.

The negative effects, including stress, from the above are made worse by MBBs not taking care of themselves. In my book, Discipling Muslim Background Believers, I recommend that MBBs take care of themselves by properly (if possible):

  • eating
  • sleeping
  • exercising
  • employing wise routines and disciplines, including spiritual disciplines
  • interacting with people
  • reading the Bible (more than your routine amount)
  • praying and fellowshipping with God (more than your routine amount)
  • getting outside into beautiful spaces
  • fulfilling your responsibilities
  • making plans

These things are covered more fully in the book.

Keywords: MBB discipleship, persecution, taking care of yourself

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