Abu Da'ud

MBB identity is not based on performance

MBBs need to know that the extent of their obedience and performance, even good works from a pure heart, are not their identity in Christ.  Christians are children of God, and their identity is a gift – given… Read More

A way to understand MBBs: combine two analogies

Christians ministering to MBBs often ask me how MBBs feel when they become Christians. I think one way is to consider and combine two analogies. The first analogy is someone who suffered a devastating back injury, had surgery… Read More

A majority of new and persecuted MBBs fail to properly take care of themselves

When persecution starts for MBBs, their lives are often severely disrupted by many things, including being rejected by family, friends, and community. They may also lose jobs, opportunities for education, and may even be under the threat of… Read More

The goal of discipleship for MBBs (or any other Christian)

MBBs (and all Christians) should relate to each other and those outside the church by acting unselfishly for their benefit.

Addressing MBB misconceptions about Christianity

When a Muslim begins to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, his or her discipler will often encounter difficulties because the MBB has misconceptions about Christianity. The solution seems simple – teach them the truth about Christianity…. Read More