Abu Da'ud

Staying focused on Jesus as seasons change

Distracted? Lost focus? Then remember. Remember that you are part of His family, and He calls you sister or brother. He loves you with an everlasting love, calling you friend — the close kind. So close that He takes up residence in you. Ask Him to keep reminding you of His love, presence and friendship. Also ask Him to continue to reveal greater depths of His love an friendship, and how that revelation affects how you live. Do your part — seeking to know His friendship.

Some reasons to prepare to minister to Muslims, even if doing so is not part of your main calling

Why should I care about Muslim ministry, especially if I’m not called to it:  More than one in five people in the world are Muslim. It is likely that you will meet eventually meet a Muslim if you… Read More

God’s welcoming nature revealed in His names

God welcomes us. People either forget that or never knew. Many need God’s peace today, and God calls them to Himself so that He can give them that peace. People often cannot see His welcome, so they live… Read More

A key for MBB (and all Christian) leadership success

Christians are called to love God and others, as well as seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness. To do this, Christians should love as Jesus did – by serving others for their benefit. For an MBB leader, and… Read More

The goal of discipleship for MBBs (or any other Christian)

MBBs (and all Christians) should relate to each other and those outside the church by acting unselfishly for their benefit.