God’s welcoming nature revealed in His names

God welcomes us. People either forget that or never knew. Many need God’s peace today, and God calls them to Himself so that He can give them that peace. People often cannot see His welcome, so they live in frenetic and uncomfortable worlds. So how do we understand His welcome if we cannot see it?

The first thing is to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. We can then look at just two of His names, Father and I Am. His names reveal His character and how He acts.

Many understand God’s immense power, revealed when He says He is I Am. He is self-existent and can do anything He wants. That knowledge is good, but leaves people wondering how He will treat them.

God is revealed in Christ as a good father who cares for and deeply loves His children. He made all of us, and those that follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are His children. We can then know that the One that can do anything welcomes us as His children and looks favorably on us individually. We can come to God and He will take care of our circumstances. He also giving us a peace that passes understanding as He works in our circumstances. This peace is based on knowing his goodness continues towards us regardless of our circumstances.

Keywords: how God sees us, Father, I Am, names of God, love, children

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