MBBs often struggle with the pessimism discount

MBBs face an inordinate amount of disappointment, not the least of which comes from rejection from family, friends and community. The pessimism discount involves discounting what people say, hopes, expectations and faith because of past experience – and not limited to people and things that have let them down.

The result is a sense of constant disappointment because they are believing that bad will happen, and are essentially experiencing the feelings of bad circumstances even if the bad does not happen. This expectation can corrupt relationships, especially with God.

To help MBBs avoid this negative stance, please show them in the Bible who they are in Christ, how much God loves them, and that He has good plans for them. It is likely that they will need reminders over time as they learn how to transform their thinking guided by your teaching and led by the Holy Spirit.

Please note I’m not talking about a lack of wisdom. Some situations and people need to be avoided.

Keywords: Discipeship, MBB, pessimism discount

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