A loving God gives value to each person

God loves you. He loves each one of us. Love is in His nature – He is love. He wants the best for us, and wants to have a deep and personal relationship with each one of us. 

When God created mankind, He gave intrinsic value to each one of us. He wanted to have a good relationship with each one of us, but our sin prevented that. To overcome the offense of our sin and the gap between His requirements and our behavior, Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins and rose from the dead three days later.  Those actions provide those who believe in and followed Jesus Christ as Lord an everlasting and familial relationship with God. They also show that God was willing to pay an infinite amount for each of us. We each have infinite worth. 

Christians are members of God‘s family. We do not have a second-class relationship with God, but instead are loved by God the Father the same way that He loves Jesus (John 17). We are fully loved by the One who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and our Creator. God  shows His love to each of us in a very personal way.  he not only saves us, but also speaks to us, provides for us, guides us, has specific plans for each life, and gives us meaning through relationship with Him and letting us work with Him towards His purposes. 

The intrinsic value given to mankind at creation is fully realized in a Christian’s relationship with God. You have it, and do not have to earn it.

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