Abu Da'ud

The hallmark of a Christian is love

Christians don’t need to compete to find their value. So what should they be about? A Christian knows the love of God, and loves back in response. The relationship produces a simple and pure devotion to Christ, characterized… Read More

Your God-given value makes comparison and competition unnecessary

You are God’s completely loved masterpiece, so you do not need to create a system of comparisons and competitions to find out or prove how much you are worth. God gave you value when He created you, and proved that love by paying the ultimate price for each individual through Jesus’ death on the cross.

A loving God gives value to each person

The intrinsic value given to mankind at creation is fully realized in a Christian’s relationship with God. You have it, and do not have to earn it.

What is discipleship?

One of the very last things that Jesus did was to tell His disciples to make more disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).  What is discipleship?  Discipleship is teaching someone to follow a person or a belief system. In Christianity, Christian… Read More