Abu Da'ud

Union Baptist Association posted a review of my books

I am grateful to “Guest” for posting a review of my books on the UBA website at https://www.ubahouston.org/blog/2019/3/26/discipling-muslim-background-believers-by-abu-daud .

In part, the review stated:

Reaching out to Muslims who may be seeking Christ and discipling Muslim-background believers can be a unique challenge for those who are unfamiliar with it. One resource we have found particularly helpful [are] Abu Da’ud’s 5-book[s] … on Discipling Muslim background believers. From his own experience coming to faith in Christ and reaching out to other Muslims, Da’ud discusses common misconceptions about Christians, answers questions Muslims often have, provides a structure for discipling new believers, and creates specific study resources for those who are helping Muslim-background believers grow in their faith…. Discipling Muslim Background Believers is an excellent resource for discipleship.

Keywords: MBB, discipleship, Discipling Muslim Background Believers, evangelism