Abu Da'ud

You’re not an MBB, but you led one to the Lord. Now what?

You know that your friend will face disorientation and great risks (please see my last two posts), and that errors could be very costly. You want to help your friend prepare for what’s to come, but you don’t… Read More

Imagine what would happen if Christians loved Muslims biblically

Imagine what would happen if even a slightly bigger portion of 2 billion Christians would effectively reach out to the Muslim world with God’s invitation to join His family and to grow in discipleship.

Union Baptist Association posted a review of my books

I am grateful to “Guest” for posting a review of my books on the UBA website at https://www.ubahouston.org/blog/2019/3/26/discipling-muslim-background-believers-by-abu-daud . In part, the review stated: Reaching out to Muslims who may be seeking Christ and discipling Muslim-background believers can… Read More