Abu Da'ud

Good news for the seeker: God wants to be found

Many of you know people who are seeking to begin a relationship with the living God. Some of you are in that position. I have good news for the seeker: the God of this universe wants to be… Read More

Insights for evangelizing Muslims from my testimony

Part of my testimony provides useful insights into evangelizing Muslims: [Please] let the [Muslim] seeker know that they will not see all of Christ in a single person.  Also, you cannot be all of Christ to any individual…. Read More

Imagine what would happen if Christians loved Muslims biblically

Imagine what would happen if even a slightly bigger portion of 2 billion Christians would effectively reach out to the Muslim world with God’s invitation to join His family and to grow in discipleship.

Union Baptist Association posted a review of my books

I am grateful to “Guest” for posting a review of my books on the UBA website at https://www.ubahouston.org/blog/2019/3/26/discipling-muslim-background-believers-by-abu-daud . In part, the review stated: Reaching out to Muslims who may be seeking Christ and discipling Muslim-background believers can… Read More